mediaCastpro. footage marketplace
mediaCastpro. footage marketplace

Sell local or international news footage

Sell news footage to journalists and news outlets

You choose prices
or we choose them, if you prefer.
You take 70%+.
Our commission does not exceed 30%.
Reach international buyers
and make yourself known.
Video immediately for sale.
You don't have to wait for our approval.
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Make money by selling news or event footage
to journalists or TV stations anywhere in the world, expanding your network of contacts.
We are a fair platform
because we give reporters who upload footage most of the revenue (at least 70%).
On mediaCastpro you can sell news and event footage to journalists, news agencies or TV stations anywhere in the world. As soon as footage is uploaded, it is immediately available for purchase.
The ability to sell footage exclusively or privately to a single customer also makes the platform particularly effective for buying and selling confidential or very high-value footage.
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Frequently asked questions (FAQ)

How and when do I receive the money earned from sales on mediaCastpro?

Each month you receive a bank transfer with the previous month's earnings. To receive that transfer, you must first send us an invoice for the correct amount. Don't worry: as soon as you make sales, we will email you all the step-by-step instructions so that you can issue us the invoice and receive your money.

Under what licenses is footage sold on mediaCastpro?

Most of the footage is sold under "standard license", which allows buyers to use the footage in an unlimited number of projects and broadcast or publish it in any medium, with no limit on audience size. However, resale or transfer to third parties is not permitted. Instead, some footage is sold under "exclusive license", which guarantees that the buyer is the only one who can use that footage, and also allows resale and transfer to third parties.

Can I sell on mediaCastpro videos that I also sell on other platforms?

Yes, of course, it is not necessary to give exclusivity to mediaCastpro. If you use other platforms, our advice is to sell the same videos also on mediaCastpro but at a slightly lower price, say 20%. This way, you will push buyers to choose mediaCastpro and you will earn more per sale, thanks to our much lower commissions than our competitors. Try our earnings calculator!

Why is mediaCastpro environmentally sustainable?

The goal behind the creation of mediaCastpro is to avoid, as much as possible, the displacement of video operators, which is usually neither economical nor ecological. Thanks to mediaCastpro, in fact, video production professionals can sell and buy footage from each other, thus avoiding the need to reshoot footage that someone else has already done. In addition, mediaCastpro uses Storj as a storage system for videos for sale. Storj is a cloud-based, decentralized storage system that takes advantage of free space on the hard drives of users around the world. Because of this feature, Storj is one of the most environmentally sustainable storage systems in the world, reducing environmental impact by about 80 percent compared to using a traditional data-center storage system. Of course, the videos on Storj are encrypted and not accessible to anyone but mediaCastpro.
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The platform in numbers

Countries in which we are operational.
We are open in the European Union, the United States, the United Kingdom and 8 other countries.
Currencies supported.
Each user pays and receives money only in their own currency - we take care of the conversions.
130 K +
Clips for sale.
This number includes stock clips as well.
Browse the clips!
$ 5.0 M +
Overall value *.
Upload your own videos to increase this value.
* calculated as the minimum expenditure that you need to incur to purchase all the clips for sale on the site, always choosing the cheapest license among those available.
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All videos are safely stored, encrypted and always accessible, thanks to Storj, the Globally Distributed Cloud Object Storage - the greenest data storage on earth.
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The platform at a glance

A marketplace that allows sellers to independently choose prices and licenses for their video footage.
A platform that allows you to sell whole video shoots, without having to crop or rework them first, as is the case with microstock. Even if the videos have a profile in Log, you only need to tell the site the correct LUT to generate a preview with realistic colors.
A place accessible only to audiovisual professionals, where video footage can be sold and purchased on any subject, including news and events.
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